Heidelberg Institute at the U.S. East Coast

HI visits The King’s College in New York City and Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

NEW YORK CITY/ MECHANICSBURG/ HEIDELBERG. From February 26 until March 4, Lucas Wehner, member of the executive council at the Heidelberg Institute, visited the United States East Coast in order to meet with various Heidelberg Institute advisory board members and business partners.

The trip started off with visiting The King’s College (TKC) in New York City where Wehner was accompanied by the Heidelberg Institute’s advisor Austin Knuppe, Ohio State University, in order to meet another Heidelberg Institute advisor, Dr. Kimberly Thornbury, Vice President for Strategic Planning at TKC. The King’s College has about 500 students who study in nine undergraduate programs on three state of the art floors at a Broadway skyscraper in lower Manhattan. The King’s College differentiates itself from other faith-based institutions in its housing system. Wehner was very impressed about the existence of a Bonhoeffer House. Every year, all houses come together for a week of studying a text and giving speeches about it according to their house philosophy. Thus, Wehner was also excited about speaking to TKC students about social marketing in a Negotiations class of Dr. Kimberly Reeve.

TKC Thornbury Knuppe Wehner 2017During Knuppe’s and Wehner’s visit at TKC, they were also able to meet senior administrators such as the president of TKC, Dr. Gregory Thornbury, faculty, staff and students at a luncheon. Wehner made clear that he has appreciated Kimberly Thornbury’s advice very much: “We are thankful to God that He provided us with Kimberly as an advisor who has helped us in so many ways. In this way, it was not such just a business visit, but a visit with friends and siblings in Christ who build on the same building at different corners: shaping college students to become competent, Christ-like leaders of tomorrow – whether in the USA or Germany.”

In the future, TKC and the Heidelberg Institute plan on exchanging various contacts around the world. It was actually Dr. Kimberly Thornbury who also provided the Heidelberg Institute with its first business contact, the International Business Institute at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

On March 1, Wehner and the Heidelberg Institute’s advisor Tyler Aagard, law student at St. John’s University in New York, visited Dr. Michael Nagel, Managing Director of the International Business Institute (IBI) at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Dr. Nagel and his staff showed Aagard and Wehner the Messiah College campus, and invited them to a luncheon with Mindy Lang, IBI Office Coordinator, and undergraduate students of international business.

IBI Wehner 2017The IBI is an institute at Messiah College which “is designed to give students in economics and business a distinctive opportunity for a semester to study the international dimension of these fields in an overseas context”. In this regard, students from 17 affiliated Christian universities and colleges visit countries in Europe, Asia and the UAE over the course of 10 weeks.

From May 28 until June 2, a group of 45 IBI students, Dr. Nagel and four of his colleagues will be in Heidelberg for a program with the Heidelberg Institute. During this time, IBI students will visit various German corporations in Heidelberg and Frankfurt (Main), and meet business people and students from the area.

Wehner is very excited about this program: “During the meeting with Mike Nagel, it became clear that we have the same idea of education: We would want the IBI students to make a lifetime experience which goes beyond the classroom setting, an education which lets the student make authentic intercultural experiences, and provides excellent academic and business speakers to them who not only have knowledge and experience, but often a history with Christ.”

A special note of appreciation goes to Lauren Aagard, US sister of Wehner, and her husband, Tyler, who hosted Wehner while he was in New York City.