Heidelberg Institute hosts IBI group

More than 50 IBI staff and students in Heidelberg and Frankfurt (M.)

HEIDELBERG/ FRANKFURT (M.). More than 45 students and 5 academic staff from 11 Christian universities and colleges experienced a trip of their life time. Between May and July, Dr. Mike Nagel, managing director of the International Business Institute at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, led a group of 45 undergraduate students of business to countries in Europe, Asia, and the United Arab Emirates. During this trip, student have classes in order to receive 12 credits for their course work, visit corporations, meet business people, researchers and politicians, and dive into various cultures.

2017 Ivanov ECBOne of the IBI’s stops was Heidelberg and Frankfurt between May 28 and June 2, 2017. The Heidelberg Institute arranged various program features for the group which included a tour of the Heidelberg castle; a presentation about international business development by Fraport AG with Gert von Dolgow as well as a tour of the Frankfurt International Airport; a presentation about key institutional features, policies and current challenges at the European Central Bank by Dr. Michael Sturm as well as getting to know the ECB’s market infrastructure expert Rosen Ivanov; a tour of the Commerzbank tower; a presentation about European and German politics influencing economic developments by Hans-Jörg Naumer, global head of capital markets and thematic research at Allianz Global Investors; presentations about cyber security and HR recruitment at SAP as well as a tour on the SAP campus including the inspiration pavilion; and a dinner reception with keynote speaker Jan-Philipp Goertz, external relations director at YouCat World Association and fmr. director of international relations and political communication of the Berlin office at Lufthansa AG, and a word of welcome by Dr. Albrecht Schütte (CDU), member of state parliament in the State of Baden-Württemberg.

Prof. Dr. Harald Jung, president of the Heidelberg Institute, mentioned in his welcome address during the dinner reception that Heidelberg was the perfect spot for this trip because during their walks through the romantic city, students could see the dedication on the central university building: “To the living Spirit.” “When we, Christians, understand this dedication from John 6:63, it is hopefully seen that the Heidelberg Institute can support this dedication as well,” Jung mentioned, because the picturesque university town at the River Neckar was not only known for six centuries of occidental academic education and great names of the history of the humanities (from Bucer and Hegel to Weber and Jaspers) as well as the bibliotheca palatina, but rather should also be a place for our focus of thoughts to the Spirit of God. Jung elaborated: “This is at the very heart of the Heidelberg Institute: Connecting the high academic standards and the closeness to the European financial and economic center, Frankfurt, or SAP as greatest IT corporation in Europe, with a focus on God’s Spirit of creativity. Only in this, our educational purpose comes to its final fruition."

Furthermore, Lucas Wehner, the Heidelberg Institute’s consultant for international higher education, noted: “A program like the IBI’s is essential for the students’ professional, academic, personal and spiritual development because it introduces students to something new within a mentored setting. Someday, they will look back, remember a profession, remember a talk, remember a walk through a town, and God will inspire them in this memory which might lead to a move to Heidelberg.” In March, 2017, Lucas Wehner visited the International Business Institute at Messiah College, Pennsylvania.

The Heidelberg Institute would like to thank:

  • Kimberly Thornbury, The King’s College in New York City, for connecting the Heidelberg Institute with the International Business Institute at Messiah College,
  • Mike Nagel, his staff and students for allowing the Heidelberg Institute to show the group what they are passionate about,
  • the Schloss Heidelberg team for a great and humorous tour,
  • the Fraport AG’s business development and the corporate communication team for a great and mind-broadening presentation and tour,
  • the European Central Bank’s international relations and cooperation section and the division outreach for the extra features, the great and fascinating presentation and talk,
  • the Commerzbank’ group communications team for the wonderful and striking tour and impressions within the Commerzbank tower,
  • Hans-Jörg Naumer for the engaging and eye-opening presentation and talk,
  • SAP University Alliances team, namely Mrs. Andrea Tavrusko and Mr. Christoph Stiefel, for the very personal, exceptional, and intriguing tour and presentations at SAP,
  • Albrecht Schütte (CDU), member of state parliament in the State of Baden-Württemberg, for the refreshing thoughts and friendly words of welcome during the dinner reception, and
  • Jan-Philipp Goertz, YouCat World Association, for the authentic and beautiful words of grace and love during the dinner reception.




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